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Second Chance In Life

I believe in second chance in life. No matter what mistakes you've made in the past. Everyone deserves a chance to clean up their mistak..
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Why Do Students Prefer to Shop Online?

It is aptly said that “When the going gets tough the tough go shopping.” Today, online shopping has become a popular trend among scholars as..
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Don't Just Win--Thrive!

We all want to win in the game of life. But how do we go about not only winning, but thriving! There are some daily habits that will help ..
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Not A Father's Day 'literally'

I remember when I was young and my father always told me 'don't you ever cry and get upset over the smallest of things.' Because..
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My Doctors' First Names

At 58, I'm realizing a disconcerting fact. The older I get, them more I am on a first-name basis with all my medical providers. The..
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Live a Life that Matters

Dying inside and feel like you're about to explode? Because you can't imagine the pain you are going through. Your faith will be cha..
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Live Stream

Alright so I started this live stream thing. Im on it right now. I got head phones on and some music. Blogging at the same time. Huh kinda f..
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Hello father.

I started to understand things more as I gruw older and wanted to meet my real father. Well the min I tried my mother called me unruly ..
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My mama was crazy.

This blog will be about the parents. Will start with my mother. My mother looked just like me, but you know older. She has passed tho and it..
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Whats going down for real.

I have lived on the streets a few times before. Currently living with an ex boyfriend now. I do thing around his parents house to help out a..
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Lets start with me.

Hello there. I go by Alice from Wonderland. I am a 26 year old female. I have one child, a little girl who keeps my head up every day. The l..
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Just trying things out on here.

So i thought id try this blog thing. I know my tittle has no real point but i want to see if I will even get any views. I have been lookin g..
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How to Lose Weight Fast: 3 Simple Steps, Based on Science

There are many ways to lose a lot of weight fast.However, most of them will make you hungry and unsatisfied.If you don't have ..
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The Maharlika Kingdom Untold

Manila started some thousand years ago, born out from the very womb of Rio de Tagean (now Pasig) river. The seat of the most powerful Datu, ..
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50centfreedomThe true reality of making money online is that it often involves some sort of investment, whether that is time or money.What r..
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How to think positively

"How to think positively"Everyone knows how to think,  for we people we're all equal,  but not when it comes to thin..
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Old & Wise

 A Greek StoryFrom my studies of Epicurus  An American visiting Greece comes across an old man sitting under some olives tre..
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Saying good bye

As the song goes, “We are stardust, Billion year old carbon.” Here for only a blink of an eye, only to return back to stardust. To nights ..
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This is were we live......

With all the fuss over the Eclipse, I thought I would share an event that happens almost every night here on the Big Island. From our deck, ..
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