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The Investment Holding Company that Buys other Company for Profits

There are various types of companies in the world. The company for us is the organization which makes the desired products out of the raw ma..
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Americans Struggling to Save

Almost half of all adults surveyed by the government say they couldn’t cover an unexpected $400 expense with cash, according to federal da..
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Set regulations for initial coin offerings — or the US may fall behind, says a crypto trader

● The U.S. may fall behind other countries if the SEC doesn't establish regulations for ICOs, says cryptocurrency trader Ran Neu-..
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Bitcoin rally this week fails to materialize as New York conference brings more hype than substance

● Bitcoin rally this week fails to materialize as New York conference brings more hype than substanceBitcoin dropped about 10 percen..
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Riot Blockchain’s SEC subpoena part of formal investigation

Riot Blockchain, the cryptocurrency company whose stock skyrocketed after changing its name revealed that the Securities and Exchange Comm..
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America’s Hottest Job

Data scientists are in high demand, according to a report in Bloomberg. Some of the biggest tech giants in the U.S. are struggling to hire..
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USPS Can’t Deliver Financially

The U.S. Postal Service saw its second-quarter net loss more than double to $1.3 billion from a year ago, Business Insider reports. The re..
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1/3 of Americans Have Less Than $5k for Retirement

The grim outlook for many Americans approaching retirement age has some new stark statistics: One-third of respondents in a recent survey ..
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Wanted: Personal Finance Teacher

 Only 24 states require personal finance curriculum in high schools, writes LinkedIn Influencer Jean Chatzky, and she says many paren..
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Buffett Beats Corporate Bloat

Warren Buffett and his investing partner Charlie Munger took fresh swipes at the bloat inside corporate America Saturday, suggesting compa..
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Buffett sticks by embattled Wells Fargo, balks at insuring cyber risks

Warren Buffett said Saturday that he's sticking by embattled bank Wells Fargo, isn't ready to jump into the risky business of insu..
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WeWork Working in Rising Debt

WeWork, a startup that provides shared office spaces, is both sinking and sailing, reports The Wall Street Journal. Although the company ha..
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Millennials Blame Baby Boomers For it All

As millennials face daunting student debt and the threat of job displacement due to automation, a majority say baby boomers are to blame, ..
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CFPB Slaps Wells Fargo with $1B Fine

Wells Fargo (NYSE: WFC) must pay a $1 billion fine related to its auto loan and rate-lock programs, the Consumer Financial Protection Burea..
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Bitcoin Traders' Tax Trauma

There’s a whole bunch of bitcoin investors out there with gains to report to the Internal Revenue Service, judging from the crypto's 1..
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Science of Building Great Teams - Final

This a duplicated article from the Harvard Business Journal from April 2012. It is written by Alex “Sandy” Pentland and it is still releva..
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$1 Billion Blockchain Fund Launches with Chinese Government Backing

A new Chinese blockchain fund has $1.6 billion available to invest in innovative startups - 30 percent of which is backed by a city governme..
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Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg should answer these questions when he testifies before Congress

When Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg testifies before Congress Tuesday and Wednesday he will have plenty of explaining to do to ans..
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The Science of Building Great Teams - Part 2

This a duplicated article from the Harvard Business Journal from April 2012. It is written by Alex “Sandy” Pentland and it is still releva..
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Need a Job? Move to Elkhart!

Elkhart, Indiana had a 20% unemployment rate after the financial crisis and now faces labor shortages. A report in the Wall Street Journal..
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