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No US / China Trade War for Now

China’s agreement to “substantially” increase U.S. imports is enough to head off a trade war for now, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin sa..
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Trump Pushes USPS on Amazon

The U.S. postmaster general has been resisting pressure from President Trump to double the rate that it charges Amazon and other companies ..
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Is Democratic Capitalism Failing?

Less than 20 years in, the 21st century has been a rocky one, with growing skepticism toward globalization and democratic capitalism. To k..
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Megyn Kelly's show is a flop. She needs to learn vulnerability or it won't ever work out

When I first heard Megyn Kelly was moving from Fox to NBC, I thought, "Bad move." It's extremely difficult for celebrities t..
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Kim Jong Un walks into South Korea to shake hands with Moon Jae-in

 Kim Jong Un crosses into South KoreaNorth Korean leader crosses DMZ line in effort to reduce hostilityNorth Korean leader Kim Jong ..
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Senator Vows to Vote Against Trump

Sen. Tammy Duckworth last week announced a “blanket hold” on all Department of Housing and Urban Development nominees in objection to Ben C..
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UK Queen wants her son to succeed her as head of the Commonwealth

LONDON -- Queen Elizabeth told the heads of more than 50 states Thursday that she wants the heir to the British throne, her eldest son Princ..
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U.S. & Allies Launch Strike on Syria

President Trump announced air strikes against Syrian military targets on Friday evening, days after an alleged chemical attack by the Syri..
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Dow falls 572 points as Donald Trump and China issue fresh tariff threats as trade war looms

Blame "Tariff Tantrum 2.0" for the latest stock market swoon.U.S. stocks closed sharply lower Friday as Wall Street reacted to t..
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Acting CFPB Director Promises Change

Writing in the first semi-annual report to Congress issued under his leadership, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau acting director Mick..
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CEOs, experts weigh in on trade war at China forum

Leading global CEOs and experts share their opinions on the trade war between China and the United States at the China Development Forum in ..
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China considers possible tariffs on $3bn worth of US goods

China has said it is considering imposing tariffs on $3bn worth of US products in retaliation to new tariffs announced by US President Donal..
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Congress Releases Spending Bill

Congressional leaders released a $1.3 trillion spending bill late Wednesday to fund the government until September, Reuters reports. The c..
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Trump on Guns - Arming & Training Teachers

The White House unveiled a proposal for gun safety in schools on Sunday. The plan includes training and arming school staff, as well as im..
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Thank You Mr. Lincoln

I watched the Steven Spielberg-directed film, Lincoln, again today. I was reminded of the combined powers of belief and determination that..
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The Parkland survivors started a movement when they took on gun violence. Here's how it happened

The survivors of the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla., have broken through a decades-long stalemate in t..
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CFPB’s Punitive Power Pruned

A recent federal court ruling affirmed the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s place in the financial regulatory framework, but the dec..
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Trump Acting in Reverse

Once again, the Trump administration has proposed a permanent end to the cap on the number of reverse mortgages — while also hinting at ad..
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Family Lawyers Parramatta

Rafton Family Lawyers is a specialist family law practice dealing in family and divorce related cases. With a team of highly qualified and e..
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Trump Reaffirms Support for FHA Reverse Mortgage

Though President Donald Trump did not discuss housing in his first State of the Union Address on Tuesday night, he and members of his admi..
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