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Google Invests $550M in JD.com

Google announced Monday that it will invest $550 million in Chinese e-commerce player JD.com in exchange for 27 million shares, reports CN..
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Apple Gets Its Day in Court

Apple will get a turn in front of the U.S. Supreme Court in an attempt to escape a class-action lawsuit revived by a lower court, accordin..
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Classification of Surfactants

Surfactants are compounds that lower the surface tension or interfacial tension between two liquids, between a gas and a liquid, or bet..
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The Preparation of Single Crystals

1 IntroductionThe particles inside the single crystal are regularly and periodically arranged in the three-dimensional space, or in other wo..
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How to Design an Online Store for a Local Business

Local businesses can benefit immensely from having a website. If your target audience is mainly local, then your site building efforts shoul..
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Research Progress of Nanocatalysts

1  IntroductionIn recent years, the development of nanoscience has penetrated into the field of catalytic research and the most ty..
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How to Convert Normal Inverter into Solar Inverter and How to Optimize Battery!

What is Solar Charge Controller?Solar charge controller control the ray of sun going into battery to recharge battery. It is a significant p..
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Google Cutting Ties to Pentagon

Google announced on Friday that it would not renew its contract with the Department of Defense focused on drone imaging artificial intelli..
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Biggest AI Startup Hits Jackpot

China’s SenseTime has just raised another $620 million, while being valued at $4.5 billion, reports Bloomberg. The injection came just mon..
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How to contact Yahoo Online Live Chat

Yahoo mail Account is not working and want to delete yahoo mail account from Mac or you are experiencing any other type of issues in your ..
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How to Build a Successful Mobile App Startup? Find Out Here!

Want to establish a mobile app startup? With the propelling demand for mobile applications, there’ll no surprise if you say, YES. But, are y..
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Crypto Start-up Sees Massive Windfall

A Cayman Islands-based cryptocurrency startup is set to raise $4 billion after a year-long sale — the largest initial coin offering ever. b..
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Chelate Peptides (DOTA related peptides)

DOTA is an organic compound and commonly used as a complexing agent, which has been widely used as contrast agent for cancer treatments. It ..
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Peptide Nucleic Acid in Diagnostic and Pharmaceutical Fields

Similar to DNA and RNA, Peptide Nucleic Acid (PNA) is quite unique in properties chemically, physically as well as biologically. Capable o..
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Why Solar Panels is Becoming So Popular?

In India, Average electricity cost Rs.8/unit, Diesel Cost is Rs. 67 (Delhi). It has become unaffordable now for average citizen as cost is a..
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How to Create a Video Streaming Website like Netflix, Amazon, or Hulu

How to Create a Video Streaming Website like Netflix, Amazon, or HuluMedia and entertainment industry has always been on the forefront of te..
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Way To Fix Internet Connection Issue In Mac

Are you getting any obstcle any issue while connecting internet in your Macbook? Is it that you don’t know how to do the settings? Are you..
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Amazon Slammed for Police Tech Sales

Amazon is providing facial recognition technology to police in Oregon and Florida as a trial run for a wider rollout, according to documen..
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Applications of Metal Organic Chemistry

1 Composition of metal organic compoundsIn a broad sense, metal organic compounds refer to those compounds formed by a series of reactions b..
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Biological function of organic germanium compounds

Germanium is an excellent semi-conductive material. However, the role of germanium and organic germanium compounds ..
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