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Driverless Buses Coming Your Way?

All jokes about Asian drivers aside, Singapore plans to introduce driverless buses on its public roads by 2022. Who knows, it might even b..
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Apple's iPhone Illegal Overtime Halted in China

Foxconn, a main supplier for Apple's iPhone, says it has stopped interns from working illegal overtime at its factory in China. The an..
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Google, Facebook Oppose Net Neutrality Rule Changes in U.S.

The BBC reported that Technology giants Google and Facebook have joined forces with start-ups to criticize US plans to alter net neutralit..
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British Government Helps in UK Broadband Update

The BBC reported the British government says it will distribute £190m of funding to help the roll-out of ultra-fast broadband across the U..
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Android Phones Lie to Users

The good side of technology advances intrigues us and can make our lives easier. The bad side deceives us by not revealing the whole truth..
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Web Design and Development Company in India - Jeewan Garg

We,, are providing digital marketing service for all professional needs under one roof!  A frontrunner in SEO expertise,..
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Servo voltage stabilizer manufacturer in India - Servo Star

Servo Star is a leading company of Servo voltage stabilizer manufacturer in India with a range from 5 KVA to 1000 KVA both for industrial, m..
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Foster + Partner's Apple Park Visitor's Center Opens to the Public

Welcome to Apple in California.Steps away from Apple Park is a special space we’ve created just for visitors. An architectural extensio..
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Mobile Screen Showdown: Amoled VS LCD

Mobile technologies are often confusing; manufacturers keep on throwing around different hardware specs, everyone claims to be biggest, the ..
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Social Media Profiles May Just Get You A Job, Or Maybe Barred From One!

A recent study by Society for Human Resource Management points towards a very interesting trend, use of social media by recruiter..
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Cubicle Workspace Manners

Although the cubicle workspace has no doors, still there are several things which one should take care of during the working hours. Working ..
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Recruitment Revamped! Questions For A Job Interview That Need Serious Reviewing!

Evaluation of candidates for employment is one of the most arbitrary forms of a gamble every company has played for long. With tec..
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Chinese robot becomes world's first machine to pass medical exam

A robot has passed the written test of China's national medical licensing examination, an essential entrance exam for doctors, making it..
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Resume Formats for Success

The resume is the first and the most quintessential part of applying for a job, because of the former property. And also, cause it is the fi..
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Techie Gift Ideas

What do you get for the techie in your life who has everything but wants even more? Here’s a couple of the latest—and supposedly hottest—i..
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Tech Stocks Lead in Market Rise

Up, up and away! It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no! It’s Super Stocks—tech stocks that is—helping to lead the way ever upward. Technology stoc..
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Job-Related Call From In-House HR Department and Consultants, Differences and Approach!

With the advent of technology, finding a job has metamorphosized into various strategies and moves one can make to ultimately find their pla..
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Wi-Fi for all. Why Not?!

Have you ever been in a location where you couldn’t get Internet service on your phone when you really wanted it? Remember how angry or fr..
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Star Trek Travel

The field of condensed-matter physics encompasses all new solid and liquid phases of matter, and its study has led to nearly every technol..
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Top Reasons to an MBA degree

1.Create extremely valuable managerial skillsA MBA training is generally sought after by young experts with at least two years of work unde..
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