The Company

What is Unetizen?

Unetizen is a California benefit company that operates the Wikiomni online knowledge community.  

As a benefit company, Unetizen will contribute 20% of its net profits to worthy social causes as determined by its board of directors.  Unetizen aims to become the world’s leading provider of online knowledge through a combination of its engaged user base and its social aims.

What is Wikiomni? 

Wikiomni is an online knowledge community consisting of an online encyclopedia system, a blog

environment, a question and answer forum and a community discussion space.  This system is accessible

by everyone and allows global participants to contribute and share knowledge.  Because the community

is open to all participants, knowledge sharing is virtually unlimited.  Wikiomni will create revenues by

selling online advertising to various parties.

Wikiomni was created due in part to falling engagement levels among various competing knowledge

products.  Wikiomni seeks to remedy this problem by incentivizing both participation and curation of


Contributors and editors within the Wikiomni community earn points towards their account, which are

exchangeable for cash.  By providing engaged users with tangible rewards, Wikiomni hopes to build a

sustainable environment which will grow to become the world’s premier source of online knowledge.