God Requires Death to Save Many

Even from the beginning God requires death to save many.


With the increasing number of innocent people being killed due to the campaign of President Duterte's administration against drugs many Filipinos are now questioning themselves and the government, "Is killing a requirement for the Philippines to become drug-free?" I guess we will have divided opinion about this.


But let me tell you this: even from the beginning God requires death to save many. Am I telling that what we are going through right now is acceptable? Definitely not! God requires death and it has already been fulfilled by One. Jesus is the only one who can fulfil this requirement of the law and He accomplished it on the cross.


God knows that to save men it cannot be men to die for men. God knows that to kill evil people is not a lasting solution. Remember the great big flood in the time of Noah? God wiped the world of evil people but still, evil persists in the next generation until now. What is happening in the Philippines now is an act for the hope that many will be saved from crime and violence if there will be shedding of blood of the evil people. But evil is evil! Even without men to participate, evil remains evil. Drugs may cease but crimes will not stop spreading. Or we may stop the growth of crime in one corner but evil will still look for a way out. Crime and drugs are not the only factors that destroy us, people. There are broken families, unexposed abuse, pornography and many more which have not been labelled as crime but destroying lives and futures.


We don’t need people to die for people. Innocent blood does not need to be shed for many. Creating fear will not paralyze the work of darkness. Fear is actually the work of darkness.


What we need now is for mankind of be washed and be made clean and it can only be done by the blood of Jesus. You may be reading it right now and you are telling to yourself, “Yeah! I knew it. It is all about Jesus thing again.” Oh, let me tell you, yes, it is a Jesus thing again. Can you see? Generation from generation His good news is being preached and it is because of those people who have not heard or believe it yet (may be you are one of them); and unless you believe you will always be irritated by the same message until you die. We will all die but we cannot bury with us the good news.


May we all turn to God for His mercy in times like this.


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