Nothing to lose but more to gain

It's been a long time since that tragedy of my life happened,its funny to say that right now I managed to erase some of the details about it,i clear my mind and accepted what happened

Around 2012 I been working in a grocery store at morning and building caretaker at night,and before the sunrise start a day I'm a janitor,

I work,save,and im trying to make my self better,but one day they accused me,that Im involved in a inside job crime,i have no one to defend me,even if they want they refuse to help,but i understand that they're just afraid to risk their security.

I been cleared from that crime,but the owner bargain in the way I need to pay,in return that won't file the case anymore.

I go back home carrying all the bad experience inside the detection jail,all night and all day,im just sitting near at the door,hoping all is just a nightmare,i cry why asking myself why?

Inside that small area where the wall almost printed by lots of names,qoutes that show how terrible that place is,i learn to repent again,not on the things that I know im innocent,but on the things that I know God want me to repent and say sorry for.

After that days that I don't even remember,i go home,without anything left in me,aside from Faith and hope,i start again even every time I go out,people looking at me in the way I know full of judgment,i learned to accept my self,i learned that I don't need to prove my self on others,and only me and my way show God not them the real me.

Right now I'm still in the process of standing up and moving on from that days,but im not giving up,im not gonna surrender,im gonna do my best everyday that God's giving me,that one day I'll have what I deserve.

In life,its not always goes on the way we expected,thats why plans never works,but goals always do,we don't need to look on what we lose,because if we feel we have nothing,then more to gain,and since we feel we have nothing to lose,don't afraid to try new things,a better day is on the way

Thanks for spending minutes reading my blog,

Godbless us all!

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