Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio

Judge Susan Bolton ( a Clinton Appointment) along with the Obama Justice department accused Joe of continuing his practices of racial profiling Hispanics after being told by this judge to stop. Now keep in mind that there are no laws on the books which make profiling a crime. There are no Federal laws nor are there any Arizona laws which prohibits any of these police practices used by his department. So based upon what she thinks and she doesn't like, she determines that he has violated her order and she is going to put him in jail. She essentially makes up a new law in her court, and then decides if that new law was being followed, then when she determine with the help of the socialist agenda driven Obama Justice Department that her law was violated, they decide the fate of Sheriff Joe. Remember, no law exists except for her law. Trump comes along and thumbs his nose at this corrupt system where the judiciary has assumed powers they were never given and pardons 84 year old Joe. This was an over reach by the federal judiciary which ended up with a counter punch to the face. I doubt today that Session's Justice Department would even consider such tactics. So what are laws, are they what somebody decides they are, or they such that who is in power decides what is a law and what is not. This party politics and its impact on our system of justice makes everyone less secure in knowing that laws in America are now simply ideas. Worthy of being enforced or not enforced depending upon what side of the fence you are on, or who is in power.

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