How to Get Citizenship in Guatemala by Investing in the Country

If you are interested in getting citizenship in Guatemala, then you should be aware of the process and what is required. You should also ensure that you know what types of documents would be required to get the process started. You would need to give the government a minimum investment of around $60,000 to be a part of this special program.

Documents Required

There are plenty of documents that would be required before you can get second passport in Guatemala. Here are the required documents, including:

Application form completely filled out

Original passport of the applicant

Legal entry proof into the country

Documents regarding health physical and health insurance proof when arriving for the first time in the country

Certificate that you have a clean criminal record from the home country and any other locations where you lived for more than a year

You should ensure that you have all of the required documents along with the funds to hand over to start the process so that you can get permanent residence Guatemala.

Ensure that you know what is required of you to get citizenship by investment in Guatemala, including the amount that would be required. You also need to make sure that you have all of the required documents in place before you put the application in and that everything is legal. Also, if you need help, then you should make sure to get help from the experts who would know what is what.

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