Old & Wise


A Greek Story

From my studies of Epicurus


 An American visiting Greece comes across an old man sitting under some olives trees drinking a glass of ouzo, enjoying the sunset.

The American asked “whose olive trees are these”.

Old man says “they are mine”.

“You pick them?”

“Only when I am hungry”.

American says,

 “If you take care of them and pick the fruit you can sell the olive oil to America. Make lots of money, have a nice house, and servants to do all the work”.

 “And then what do I do with all that money and time” The old man ask.

“Any thing you like” was the reply.

“So, I guess I can sit here with my drink, enjoy the sunset, and talk to strangers that come by and ask questions” ........ Sophia (σοφία, Greek for "wisdom")





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