A Life Living In Me

I wasn't sure on the path I am living, I am young and free of the reality my family was facing. I had less care on the people around me especially on the people who care about me. I want my life to be great and full of adventure. No one dictated on what should I do and what would I be. I live according to my will and nothing could disrupt the freedom I had.

But, like any other humans living in this world I fell down and wasn't sure where to hold on. I experience the beauty of love and was broken by the once I loved the most who become the whole world to me.  I was in my verge of ending the life I am living when I receive the most unexpected gift the God could give. I wasn't a good girl nor a deliquent, I am in between but maybe the latter one in some instances. I meet my lesson and now he is growing inside me. This is not what I plan to have and I wasn't planning on raising a living being alone. I am also alone in this world and still conquering the war of reality. Questions flooded in my mind and answer wasn't quiet vivid in me. I have a solution but conscience is eating me, maybe I am still a human with a heart beating for him. I cried a thousand of tears and show my fears and weakness to my family. They were not cold after all for they embrace the whole imperfections that I have. The life living inside me is not a sin that I shall eradicate but a blessing I should be great. I have him in the most unexpected moment but I am greatful that he become a light that guide me on what should really be life would be. I am not a woman who care less to the people around me but a woman who would die for the living inside me.?

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