Lets start with me.

Hello there. I go by Alice from Wonderland. I am a 26 year old female. I have one child, a little girl who keeps my head up every day. The last 10 years have been rough for me. I am currently homeless so to speak. I do have a some what temp place for now. I am looking for work, but am limited because I broke my back in October of 2015. I did have a peice of my buttom disc removed and I can walk again, but have a hard time doing things because it can hurt sometimes and put me in bed for a few days. I have no parents they have both passed. About 3 years apart. They were never together while growing up. I lived with my ill mother and didnt meet my father till I was almost 19. I will be useing this site to blog about the excperinces I have had growing up and my so far audlt hood. I will also use this site to blog about products and spcific topics. If there are any requests let me know. If there is anything someone would like to learn about me further in detail let me know ill blog it for you. Thank you for reading this and I look forward to blogging for many people.

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