Whats going down for real.

I have lived on the streets a few times before. Currently living with an ex boyfriend now. I do thing around his parents house to help out and allow me to stay. Looking for work more in the sit down or limitted hands on as to my back is still not very strong since removing a peice of my disc. I do not have a car but I do have goals to be back with a car before the end of the year.  I have very few items to call mine, becuase of living on the street a few times and moving from home to home. Im looking to start over in life and push forward to a better person. I have never been spoied in life I have always had to work for what I wanted. Do to depresstion for a long time iv fallen again and Im trying to mend myself together again. I am really hopping this blog thing helps to kinda get things off my cheast and entertain others be it in a sad, happy, anger, or maybe even peace at mind way. Well thats a little more about myself. Hope you enjoyed reading. Thank you.

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