My mama was crazy.

This blog will be about the parents. Will start with my mother. My mother looked just like me, but you know older. She has passed tho and it will be 4 years in January. She was not the kindest mother. Always put on a smile if someone was around tho. Never really treated me with respect. She married my step dad when i was only a year old. My step fathers family took me in as one of there own. For the first 7 years in life I thought that man was my father. Around 7 years old tho he decided to walk out on my mother, and I dont blame him. My mother turned out to be rather nuts to be honest. Unfortuinatlly it was round age 7 i found out the man I called and loved as a father was not my blood father. So pretty short and simple when it comes to my mother. She slept most the time because she was always in pain. Treated me like the slave i belived i was breed to be. Now not trying to bad mouth mama but she was not a good role to follow. God rest her sole tho she passed away in her bed around age 42. She is in a much better place now. I seen her body touched her arm there was no life. then I watched her go into the fire and i felt releved and I could breath again. Well thats the wrap on my mother. Hope you enjoyed this read. RIP. Paula T.

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