Hello father.

I started to understand things more as I gruw older and wanted to meet my real father. Well the min I tried my mother called me unruly and filed charges witch kept me for trying to find my real dad. Well i turned 18 and didnt look for him right away. I knew his address but never went out looking. One day i took one of my cousins from my step dads side to her aunt. Turns out I was right on the other side of the hill from my father. I lived not 20 mins away from him most my life and never knew. The following day I went out to find him. I met my grandfather the first time. Later that day I got a call and heard my fathers voice for the first time. Almost reminded me of Bugs Bunny. My father was a kind, gentle, peacefull soul.I dont know very much about him tho. It was but 3 years later he passed away, but i know my father was a good man. He wanted to make up to me for all the years he was not there. It wasnt him tho it was my mom. I felt pitty that my mom snaged him then didnt even tell him till I was 7. Never keep your children away from a father. I feel like im messed up in the head a little because of it. I know that I would have been a more happy child if he was in my life from the start. Thats all for this post. Any body wanna know more detail just ask. Hope you enjoyed the read. RIP. Sterling S.

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