My Doctors' First Names

At 58, I'm realizing a disconcerting fact. The older I get, them more I am on a first-name basis with all my medical providers. There's a few that I see--Jonathan, Linda, Behnam, Mike and Gene.

There are others as well. Ancillary service providers and specialists who poke and test, prod and x-ray. I get my first MRI next week! Should I be happy that I get to meet new and interesting people? I guess that would put a positivie spin on an otherwise frustrating physical existence.

Next week I have 7 doctor appointments to attend. I had to take a week off just to schedule them all. 3 are for my father and 4 are for me.

I'm hoping to have 2 or 3 days to relax in addition to these appointment days.

Welcome to the world of AARP!

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