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lava, lava, THE LAVA........Hawaii
Just to clear things up......the island of Hawaiii, the Big Island, is not  being covered in LAVA. This volcano started erupting in 198..
(2018-05-19 20:17)
Ohia Tree / Lehua flower
You have read the Hawaiian story........"Hawaiian Lovers Return" Tree is endemic to ..
(2018-05-17 15:11)
Hawaiian Lovers Return
The legend says that one day Pele met a handsome warrior named Ohia and she asked him to marry her. Ohia, however, had already pledged his..
(2018-05-16 19:49)
Pele.....the face continues
Pele, the volcano Goddess is showing up everyday. More to the stories than meets the eye. The energy put out by this eroption is more than w..
(2018-05-14 14:05)
Pictures of todays Lava
21 homes have burned so far today. More openings in the ground. In 1983, 150 homes burned, entire town of Kalapana was buried.aloha
(2018-05-07 00:06)
Big Planet.....Small Island........Hawaii
Take a look at where we live. One of the most isolated islands you can move to. We get in trouble, no roads in or out. Think about sailing a..
(2018-05-06 12:48)
smart phone limits
Sorry to bust the myth, a smart phone cannot fix everthing.
(2018-05-06 01:57)
The Face Of Pele..........volcano Goddess
The face of Pele.....can you see her.
(2018-05-05 15:13)
Eruption.....update Hawaii
It has started, can't be stopped, got to let Pele do her thing........aloha
(2018-05-04 02:25)
Whole Lotta Shaken....Big Island Hawaii
  The last few days people on the other side of the mountain have been warn of a possible eruption. No safe place to live in this world..
(2018-05-03 12:37)
This is what I live for.
Older and retired. Miss this part as the best adventure of my life. Working a 24hr shift, anything and everything could happen at any moment..
(2018-05-03 09:45)
Momma, can you make Lau Lau today!
These are Big Island Boy’s, ages 15 to 21. They are our neighbor’s kids, Hawaiians. All of them can be anything they want in life. Maybe f..
(2018-04-29 11:36)
Menehune......little people of the forest
In Hawaiian mythology, the Menehune are said to be an ancient race of people small in stature, who lived in Hawaii before settlers arrived..
(2018-04-28 16:17)
Discovery......just over the back fence
We have the ocean in front of us and we have forest behind us.We spend much of our time playing in the ocean, but just recently we climbed ..
(2018-04-28 14:02)
Common Sense & logic.
This is a trait that you have or not. So about Fire Arms, this is how you have to use logic from a dumb shit like me.-A fire arm is a weapo..
(2018-03-26 14:15)
Weekend of Human Energy...........misguided
What an amazing amount of human energy this weekend. Just a bit misguided. As a father of a bullied kid in school, the system failed us..
(2018-03-25 12:46)
Public Service Information
Our afternoon walk in the woods, armed, locked & loaded, Russian made bullets. Worthless. .223 steel / made in Russia / fire,jam,fire,j..
(2018-03-21 17:58)
Time Marches On...............Kealakekua Bay
The view from our farm has not change much in 2000 years. People come and people go. Kealakekua Bay is a big part of our life, in daily view..
(2018-03-21 14:37)
Dear God
Can't have it both ways. You are in or you are out.........aloha (love)
(2018-03-14 16:34)
Son of Marshal Chen Yi dies
We were indroduced, had lunch, tried to teach him a few English words.......RIP                 ..
(2018-03-01 12:19)