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Vietnamese Boat People
      Vietnamese boat people were refugees who fled Vietnam by boat and ship after the Vietnam War. I know, I was ..
(2017-04-15 19:04)
Thank You U.S. Veterans
Home of the Free Because of the BraveVeterans Day is this Saturday, and almost all of us know someone who sacrificed years of their life (..
(2017-11-07 10:26)
Wells Fargo Unwell
In a regulatory filing on Friday, November 3rd, the beleaguered Wells Fargo & Co disclosed that it’s facing further litigation over pre..
(2017-11-04 12:31)
Tech Stocks Lead in Market Rise
Up, up and away! It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no! It’s Super Stocks—tech stocks that is—helping to lead the way ever upward. Technology stoc..
(2017-11-04 11:48)
Wi-Fi for all. Why Not?!
Have you ever been in a location where you couldn’t get Internet service on your phone when you really wanted it? Remember how angry or fr..
(2017-10-29 13:56)
Project Loon helping Puerto Ricans Reach Out
Puerto Ricans are getting a lift in their cell phone communications and access to the Internet through their cell phones thanks to balloon..
(2017-10-23 07:25)
Trump / Counter-Trump
     Trump speaks and Pilosi Complains. Trump acts and Clinton dredges up old news. Trump tweets and the world is outra..
(2017-10-17 06:19)
Big Bear & Lake Arrowhead
     This past weekend we went on a relaxing and enjoyable drive, rich with beautiful scenery and panoramic views. We t..
(2017-09-25 12:18)
Donate to Hurricane Relief
This season has brought such great devastation to cites in both Texas and Florida. Recovery will take years and billions of dollars. If you ..
(2017-09-17 09:49)
Don't Just Win--Thrive!
We all want to win in the game of life. But how do we go about not only winning, but thriving! There are some daily habits that will help ..
(2017-09-16 11:23)
William & Kate: Producing Royalties
Prince William and his wife, Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, are once again expecting. This will be their third child.Kensington Palace m..
(2017-09-04 07:33)
King’s Canyon Vacation
I’m off to King’s Canyon in Northern California for a family vacation—a much needed vacation with family to rest, relax and refresh. I will..
(2017-08-20 12:40)
Shop Till it Drops
I love shopping. I live for shopping. I’m a shop-o-holic. But not for the sake of shopping itself, but for the sake of searching for the b..
(2017-07-29 16:34)
Kermit Has Another Frog in His Throat
The end of an era has come—again—and fans are croaking their sadness over the news that the long-time voice talent behind Kermit the Frog ..
(2017-07-11 12:44)
Trump’s Rally ‘Round the Campfire—and Brimstone
"We cannot allow this terrorism and extremism to spread in our country, or to find sanctuary on our shores or in our cities." So..
(2017-07-02 10:23)
National Smile Day
This morning I heard that today--June 15--is National Smile Day!!Pass along a smile to everyone you meet today. When you smile at someone, y..
(2017-06-15 07:41)
Ostapenko Owns French Open
Jelena Ostapenko took her first Grand Slam tennis title as a professional with her win in the 2017 French Open women’s final. In so d..
(2017-06-11 10:39)
One Love Manchester - Love over Terror!
It was exciting to see that the number of viewers tuning in to see the musical benefit, “One Love Manchester”, made it the most-watched pr..
(2017-06-05 11:39)
Department of Labor Working against Trump’s Wishes?
The Department of Labor announced yesterday that its fiduciary rule will take effect on June 9 without further delay. The regulation, whic..
(2017-05-28 11:23)
IBM MERA – 21st Century Eldercare
IBM Research and Rice University have teamed up to design a prototype robot tasked with helping senior citizens. Dubbed IBM MERA for Multi..
(2017-05-23 10:06)
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