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the truth about LSD
Albert Hofmann, a chemist working for Sandoz Pharmaceutical, synthesized1 LSD for the first time in 1938, in Basel, Switzerland, while looki..
(2016-10-28 20:59)
The stairway to heaven with john bohnam
John Bonham DeadJohn BonhamThe Death Of Led Zeppelin's Drummer:In the day leading up to his premature death, Bonham had been on a 12-hou..
(2016-10-28 19:52)
Scandalous emails.
Clinton campaign staffers scrambled frantically to change chairman John Podesta's password and upgrade his security after being fooled b..
(2016-10-28 19:22)
Symbolism overload
Behind the boy is a tree on fire, which is a reference of the Burning Bush of the Old Testament. The Burning Bush is of great importance in ..
(2016-10-28 12:24)
CVS will soon be removing there cigarette selection
  I don't know if you have heard the news yet but CVS will stop selling cigarettes and other tobacco-related products. They say tha..
(2016-10-28 20:00)
Its vape not smoke!
Vapor is not smoke. Nothing is burning. Liquid is being heated into  vapor and then inhaled.One of the biggest complaints against vapin..
(2016-10-28 12:01)
Whats the difference between donky and an elephant
noticed over the years, there are some fundamental differences in the way Republican and Democratic politicians think. Here are just 13 exam..
(2016-10-15 22:04)
CLINTON VS. TRUMP heated final debate
COOPER: Thank you very much for being here. We're going to begin with a question from one of the members in our town hall. Each of you w..
(2016-10-28 12:02)
Current Libya UN situation
Government of National Accord orders arrest of coup leaders who pledged to ‘rescue Libya’ after taking key buildings and a TV stationMembers..
(2016-10-28 10:48)
Sweet Marie antoinette ~
 January 1793, the radical new republic placed King Louis XVI on trial, convicted him of treason and condemned him to death. ..
(2016-10-15 21:29)
Life is a beautiful disaster
I want to smile I want to laughI want to hug friends and loved ones.I want to somehow tap into this feeling and extend it through my da..
(2016-10-28 10:31)
I like tosmoke potand work out.To the ill informed or the uninitiated in the magical ways of the sacred plant, this can seem like a very con..
(2016-10-28 19:59)
We the people,Are a Savage species of parasites living on earth  We  are  polluting our mother earth one cigarette, one bus p..
(2016-10-28 19:57)
Ah yes im surprised you clicked on this blog with such a minimalistic tittle but id like to chalk to up to fate. All though im a non believe..
(2016-10-28 19:56)