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Victory in Avaska
Magda was in the infirmary. He wanted to do something that wasn’t allowed by the normal regulations for magic. First, he waved his staff a..
(2017-05-29 11:32)
The Name of Kalazi
Far away from the Shakali Kingdom, in the Mountains of Deathe, something stirred. A hand appeared on the surface of a mountain. Then a fac..
(2017-05-16 20:05)
The End of the Sarklammen Threat
Jonathan Zhao read the prophecy again. He had found it in the ice. This is what it said:Deathe will reveal himself in true form at the la..
(2017-04-10 20:31)
There was once a land called Avaska. There were three regions in this land. One was under the rule of the Nahotsk in the east. Another was..
(2017-04-09 21:19)
Deathe, Nature, and Life
Jonathan Zhao walked around his room then summoned elders Gong Yuenyi and Yue to the palace. He was already the Great Elder but he decided..
(2017-03-18 11:13)
The High Emperor(Part 2)
Introduction: Sao Wei Keshelong returned from battle against the Akanto. He laid down his darklight and took a shower. When he put on roya..
(2017-03-18 11:11)
The High Emperor(Part 1)
Introduction: Shelong took up his darklight and attacked, slashing deep into the enemiy ranks. Hiran Temple’s walls were crumbling. From t..
(2017-03-01 21:35)
Snake and Dragon
Introduction: Wei Se Long , the snake dragon kung fu master of Hiran Temple, met with his friend, Yong Ding. Suddenly, their grandmaster a..
(2017-02-05 17:51)
The End of the Askima Wars
The Tales of Zhang Guo XinIn the palace of the Yuan, soldiers walked around the walls. The Chen had conquered all of their cities but the..
(2017-01-22 17:26)
The Golden Age of the Chen(Part 2)
The Tales of Zhang Guo XinChen Kai Tai paced around the room. He looked at his armor, Ji(Chinese weapon kind of a mix of an Ax, spear, Kr..
(2017-01-09 20:44)
The Golden Age of the Chen(Part 1)
I am 8 years old and this story is based on one of my friends. If you want to see more of my writing check out the series Aberforth and Akal..
(2017-01-07 23:03)
The End of Vlastor
This is the last of the Aberforth and Akaltra series. I hope you enjoyed them!Aberforth and Akaltra(Part 5)Vlastor turned into a real Vold..
(2017-01-06 12:36)
The Dark Ages
Aberforth and Akaltra(Part 4)Vlastor had risen to full power now. Alastor Harry Fwitkey Potter ran across the Order of Bellechenezang Isl..
(2017-01-02 12:47)
The New Lord Voldemort(Part 3)
Aberforth and Akaltra(Part 3, Continued)The assault on the Presidency had begun. All the forces of the Order would attack the north and t..
(2017-01-01 15:24)
The New Lord Voldemort(Part 2)
Aberforth and Akaltra(Part 3, Continued)At John Fwitkey Potter’s funeral, Alastor Harry Fwitkey Potter was 12 years old and already the H..
(2016-12-28 21:27)
The New Lord Voldemort
Aberforth and Akaltra(Part 3 of the Story)John Fwitkey Potter looked out of the window. It was winter break for his son, Alastor Harry Fw..
(2016-12-27 17:02)
The Death of Aberforth(Part 2 of the Chapter)
Aberforth and Akaltra(Part 2 Continued)Josephine went over to the mantle. It was the day before Christmas Eve and she needed to get a wan..
(2016-12-21 21:38)
The Death of Aberforth(Part 2 of the Story)
I am 8 years old and this is my third article. I hope you enjoy it!Aberforth and Akaltra(Part 2)The Weekly RevelioWe have very unfortunat..
(2016-12-21 21:39)
Diamond and Gold, Comparing Worth
Is Diamond Worth More Than Gold?As a matter of fact, diamond is worth more than gold. Why? That is because diamond, as a mineral, or crys..
(2016-12-17 18:40)
Aberforth and Akaltra(Part 1 of the Story)
I'm J.J.L. and I'm 8 years old. This is my first entry to my story.Aberforth and AkaltraAberforth Fwitkey was a brave young man who..
(2016-12-21 21:40)